I am blessed to exist in a beautiful world. 

What is the definition of blessed?

How do you choose to see the world you live in?

That choice in how you see your model of the world makes a difference in the life you live!  This much I know.

For me. by making the choice to see a world of light, it means I am feeding the energy of a higher frequency, thereby allowing the things, events, people etc, to flow into my life as opposed to forcing things to happen.

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I Love The World I Live In!

Everything that surrounds me allows me to think of how beautiful this creation called Nature and the human race actually are. I believe that there is a spark of positive energy in even the most negative situation.


blessed life in nature


I recognize that there is much darkness in the world – war, hate and anger are real. But I also know that behind every bit of darkness is a shimmer of light waiting for the right moment to break through.

The world often seems darkest right before the dawn.

Sure enough, though, dawn comes again after even the darkest hour.

Blessed night


When I wake up each morning, I feel blessed because I know something great awaits me. I take every opportunity given to me to show others how beautiful life can be.

When I am successful at stirring up positive energy, that great feeling I get is incomparable.

This is something that take practice but the proof is in the practice and the practice is worth it!  Believe me!

I feel blessed when I have the opportunity to make a child smile.


blessed kids


The world feels like a more beautiful place when a sad child starts to smile again. I am uplifted when I bring joy and laughter to my family. The love in their eyes shines even brighter as I bring more beauty to their world.

This was something I resisted for a long time.  But now that I have accepted this, I have found that kids are drawn to me and they love being around me.

In Conclusion

Today, I see the beauty all around me. I extract something good from every situation because I know it is always there. I know that beneath it all, the world is a wonderful place!


How do you choose to see your world?

Self reflection questions


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Am I accepting when I lose someone or something dear to me?

  2. Can I embrace the beauty of the world when I am attacked with negativity?

  3. Do I teach others the importance of making the most of every moment?

Post your comments below because I really want to know!

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