When I look around at all of the people and resources in my life I am grateful.  Additionally, I feel blessed because I have special people in my life that care about me and whom I care for as well. The people in my life are treasures to me.

This intentional practice is sure better than being in a funk!

Be Careful Where You Place Your Focus

appreciate the focus - where is your focus

Focus Your Lens of Appreciation on This…


Appreciate blog post from Coach X, aka Xavier SmithI have all the necessities in life including a safe space, food, and clothing. Beyond the necessities I enjoy extra things in my life including the gift of technology, books, and hobbies that bring me great enjoyment.


Appreciate this reality…

Appreciate blog post from Coach X, aka Xavier SmithThere will always be people who have more stuff than I, however, stuff is just stuff.

Instead of dwelling on what I might not have, I alternatively focus on the wonderful gifts I do have and I appreciate them even more.



In contrast, when I am in a funk, I notice how easy it is to make it worse by continuing to make the focus about me.  Therefore, I must choose to get outside of myself get myself pumped up.


What DO I Have to appreciate?

I have a fulfilling life full of people and property that bring great value to me. By keeping my focus on the many gifts and joys in my life, I am able to appreciate new things at a much deeper level.

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Today I look at all the people and all the things in my life and I individually appreciate each one.  Do you?

I cherish the good in my life and I am thankful. I am blessed with a beautiful life and, today, I show my gratitude.  Do you?



In Conclusion


Here are some questions you want to consider on a daily basis…

Self-Reflection Questions:

questions for appreciation blog post


1. Who are the people in my life I am appreciative of?
2. What special things in my life am I thankful for?
3. Have I focused more on what I have, instead of what others have?

So did you gain any insight from this article?  Do you need any help with the way YOU show up? 

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as it makes me feel like I am making a difference in the lives of others and that is part of my mission after all.

Thank you for taking the time to absorb this and I appreciate YOU!


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I would love you forever if you did!