I appreciate being alive and am thankful for today!

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True story

I made a decision some years ago after I forgave my parental units.  That was I was going to CHOOSE happy over mediocrity.


appreciate your life now and enjoy this moment


My whole life, up until a certain point, I decided, I did not want that life, was lived in mediocrity.  There is so much power in making a choice FOR life instead of just waiting on life to happen to you.

My Power Choices

I started saying this statement over and over in my head until it became a part of my DNA.


appreciate life now


I said, “I am happy to be alive, so it’s a great day!”

Now people call me or see me in the streets and they can feel a certain type of POSITIVE energy from me just because I made that choice some years ago.

Be Mission Driven

It’s become a part of my personal and business mission.

To take things like breathing, seeing, touching, talking, hearing, and all the stuff most people take for granted.  I embrace the fact that I get to participate in the game we call life.

Does that make sense to you?  Does it resonate with where you are in your station in life?


Appreciate life and be here in the moment now


I celebrate today. Regardless of what is happening in my life, I am alive and for this I am thankful.

When I feel like today leaves something to be desired, I focus on anything I can be thankful for.

I find a part of my body that I am able to connect with and appreciate that it is there.

Where Focus Goes Energy Flows

appreciate your life and focus


I pay attention to my senses and focus on one that resonates with me. I channel all of my energy through that sense and am thankful for having it.

When I am with friends and family, I feel thankful that I am alive and here to talk with them. When I am outside, I take in my wonderful surroundings as I experience nature and am so glad that I am here to experience this beauty.

I savor every breath that I take and rejoice in being alive.

Sometimes, I focus on basic things that I might have taken for granted in the past. While these things may be basic, they are also the most important and vital for my survival. 

Even more important than that – for my thrivalYes I made that word up!  I want to thrive.  Not just survive!!! 

You get it?

Today, I choose to notice and appreciate everything around me – large and small. Each thing I encounter, in some way, adds its own beauty to my wonderful life.


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Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What am I most thankful for?

  2. How can I express gratitude for being alive?

  3. What are three other aspects of my life that I am grateful for?


Post your comments below because I want to know!