Welcome to my world of #Xcellence.  This is your premium one-stop station for all things nutrition, health, Fitness and wellness.  I am your conductor, or as I like to say, your Coach and I am Xcited to meet you where you are to take you on an enlightening journey to where you would like to be mentally, spiritually, and physically.

So make the decision to hop on board this train of Xcellence and prepare for an enlightening journey!

I live Simply – I Serve Authentically.

If you are ready, then so am I.

All aboard!



my Nutrition Coaching


I can’t say enough good things about Coach X! He has helped me think very differently about food and what I’m putting into my body. He’s always available when I have questions or just need to chat. He genuinely cares about me, and his focus isn’t just one thing. It’s mind-body-spirit – a complete holistic approach. Because getting healthy is not just about food… once you change your mindset, everything else falls into place a little easier. Thank you, Coach X! You’re amazing!

Kim Discianno

Project Manager, Wells Fargo

Coach Xavier is always there when you need him and genuinely cares individually, giving the training, knowledge, support and guidance at your level until you reach the level of excellence for a lifetime… he is there for you! I love Coach Xavier because anytime I have ever needed him, he is always there and takes the time. He is dedicated in helping me relearn a lifetime of learning that I thought I already knew, giving what I need with my goals in mind.   Thank You Coach Xavier!

Loretta Broughton


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