Welcome to Nutritional Xcellence
Welcome to Nutritional Xcellence
Welcome to my website. I am Xavier Smith, aka, aka, Nutri-Coach X. I will be your Holistic Nutritional Health Coach helping you achieve the best version of yourself through proper and individualized nutritional education, support and guidance found nowhe
Nutritional Coach X

Is Junk Food Killing You?

With the ever-growing popularity of junk food, we have become a nation of burgers, pizzas, and fries. Just have a look at the number of aisles that you will find in a grocery store specifically devoted to junk food items. Every person has their own definition of junk food and list of food items that they term as junk. However, it generally relates to the food that has limited nutritional value. Junk food is primarily composed of ingredients that are leading us to major health issues i.e. obesity, fluctuating cholesterol level etc. Read More

Integrative Nutrition

5 Health Conditions That Affect Women More Than Men

We all know that women’s bodies are different from men, but to what extent do we truly understand how women can take unique preventative measures to live a long and healthy life? Read More